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  The Need For Speed   -   Yoshiro   -  19th Apr 2005 14:35
After that surprise announcement that we have decided to continue work on Troopers: Dawn of Destiny we have decided that we should let everybody know about some of the things we have already begun working on and changing, several in game already.

To start it off I would like to say we have changed our weapons from a texture based iron sight system to a 3d iron sight system and it’s already a vast improvement to the immersion of the game. We have also begun some changes to the weapons code itself but this is still in heavy development so I won't comment on it until .....
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  Troopers: Return of the Devs   -   Yoshiro   -  06th Apr 2005 22:02
It has been several months since you have heard news from Troopers, but I am proud to say we are still here. Shortly after the end of the Make Something Unreal Contest the team quietly announced that it was moving on to other projects after loosing key members of the staff. We know many were not pleased with Troopers: Dawn of Destiny v 5, and to be quite honest, neither was the team, but the team was tired and did not have the will to continue. Now some months later, the Troopers team here at Kinetic Studios has pulled together and decided we will not allow version 5 to be the way Troopers go.....  
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  Troopers: Dawn of Destiny Release 5   -   Yoshiro   -  16th Nov 2004 13:43
Kinetic Studios is happy to announce the release after many weeks of silence of Troopers: Dawn of Destiny version 5. This new version comes with 3 new maps which are Objective_Hoth, CTF_TatooineCruise and BespinPads. Also included in this release is the introduction of the Imperial All Terrain Scout Transport or AT-ST. Even though all the features we would have liked in this release did not make it, we are happy with what we have and feel it is quite enjoyable in the form. Hope to see you all very soon in a galaxy far far away.

Download Locations - Full Zip install only
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  Troopers 4.1   -   Yoshiro   -  19th Sep 2004 21:38
Jolt UK
Jolt International
File Planet

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  Release 4 is live   -   Yoshiro   -  11th Sep 2004
Download Mirrors: Troopers 4.0 Full Umod Install
Jolt International
Jolt UK Only
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  The Sleeper Has Awoken   -   Yoshiro   -  09th Sep 2004 17:07
Well, I bet your all wondering what happened with the Troopers: Dawn of Destiny mod. We released version 3, promised a patch, then dug a hole, jumped in, and covered it back up. I’m here to bring you news that while in this hole of great wonder and amazement that caused us to forget about the outside world, we did in fact accomplish some things. So let us start off with a basic change log followed by some media to back it up. Lets start off with something big

- New Vehicle – Imperial Speederbike (and a DM map to go with it)
- Objective maps that WORK (Yes they end, a.....
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  Calling all Mappers   -   Yoshiro   -  14th Jul 2004 20:26
Troopers: Dawn of Destiny, the Star Wars themed total conversion for UT2004 is now looking for new mappers to expand its ranks before the next major release of the mod. More information about the latest version of Troopers can be found here in the manual

The qualifications for the postion are as follows

Level Designer


* Ability to work well in UnrealEd 3.0
* Extensive experience with importing assets into the editor
* Knowledge of the various.....
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  Server and Zip Installation   -   Yoshiro   -  08th Jun 2004 22:13
You might be thinking: where can I find the zip and server files for Troopers: Dawn of Destiny? Well, we have good news for you. After some sleep and a sanity check, our lead coder has prepared the files. They are being hosted by Jolt, for which we are very thankful. There is a special download location for users in the United Kingdom. Players from other parts of the world should use the other link, listed below.

Jolt mirrors:

United Kingdom Only:
Dedicated Server .....
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